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What’s in a Name? Why Hiring a Licensed Locksmith Matters

Imagine returning home on a late-night flight from a family vacation only to find you are locked out of your home. As you stand on your front porch with your exhausted partner and children, searching for a locksmith, what are your considerations? Price will likely be one, as well as location and speed of response.

But what about licensing? While you may be thinking I just want someone to get here…and get here quick, we believe finding out whether the locksmith you’re considering is licensed should be the highest priority. As one of Sydney’s most trusted locksmith companies, we’ve had to clean up too many messes left behind by unlicensed locksmiths. And that’s why we’re sharing just why licensing is too important to overlook.

It Shows a Level of Commitment

Depending on where you live, locksmiths may or may not be required to hold a license, and the level of licensing can also vary. Some territories allow locksmiths to work after completing an apprenticeship under a skilled locksmith, though most employers in these areas do require proof of qualification as well as criminal background checks.

Make no mistake, completing an apprenticeship is no small task. It can take up to four years of rigorous training before an apprentice becomes a locksmith. During this time, an apprentice receives on-the-job training in installing and repairing locks, making and duplicating keys, evaluating security systems, and changing lock combinations. If a locksmith wants to install and service security systems, he or she must obtain a license.

Obtaining membership to other organisations like the Locksmiths Guild of Australia is optional, but such membership indicates a commitment to staying abreast of industry innovations and maintaining high ethical standards.

It Ensures You’re Dealing with a Professional

When you’re in an emergency, you may be tempted to call the “locksmith” with the cheapest price listed in your Google search. Unfortunately, the most economical option is often the one with the least training…which can lead to damage to your lock and/or door and add additional cost to an already unpleasant situation.

By adding the word “licensed” into your Google search, you’ll likely narrow the results to licensed locksmiths…but you should always confirm that any locksmith you hire is fully licensed and accredited before asking them to work on your home.

They Have the Right Equipment

We have heard nightmare stories from customers who hired a low-cost “locksmith” that showed up with nothing more than a hammer, screwdriver, and drill to gain access into their home.

Licensed locksmiths stay abreast of industry innovations, meaning they will have the latest equipment to make short work of your emergency. Most licensed locksmiths will arrive to your home in a professional vehicle that contains virtually every piece of modern equipment needed to get you and your family safely into your home.

They are Insured

There’s nothing worse than thinking you’re saving a few bucks by hiring a low-cost locksmith only to have your property damaged and then learn this “professional” is unlicensed and uninsured…meaning you’re left with the bill for repairing any damage.

Most licensed locksmiths carry insurance so that, in the unlikely event damage occurs, you aren’t left footing the bill.

If you are a regular reader of our blog (thank you!), you know we often recommend researching locksmiths in advance. Read Google reviews, ask friends and family for recommendations, and find a licensed locksmith you trust. Then enter that locksmith as a contact in your phone so, when you find yourself in need, you have their number at the ready.


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