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Who Are We?

One & Only Locksmiths

One & Only Locksmiths are a 100% Australian family-owned business, founded by professional locksmiths with over 50 years experience in residential; commercial and emergency locksmith and security services.

We’re a trusted locksmith enterprise operating in QLD, NSW, ACT, SA and VIC. With a workforce of more than 15 skilled employees, we are dedicated to expanding our brand and continually enhancing our customers’ service experience. We can provide you with a huge range of products and services to suit your security needs.

Our Key Values

One & Only Locksmiths is a company on a mission to invest and innovate alongside the changing security landscape. By staying young and dynamic, our vision is to lead and influence the Australian locksmith and security market with the best tools and technology that will get the job done faster, more reliably and more efficiently. 

We’re enterprising and progressive, and our expansions into Melbourne, Brisbane & Canberra from our original establishment in Sydney drives our enthusiasm to continue spreading our vision across Australia.


We focus on our customer’s requirements.


We are your trustworthy locksmith and security company.


Faster response and advanced tools and equipment.