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Benefits of a Letterbox Combination Cam Lock

If we asked about the security of your home, odds are you would have a quick reply. Like most renters and homeowners, you likely check door and window locks on a regular basis to confirm they are in good working order, and you may have a security system in place to further protect your belongings.

But what about your letterbox?

Though it may sound strange, it is important to take the security of your letterbox just as seriously as you take the security of your home. Consider the amount of private information that comes to you via the postal service—documents containing bank account numbers, identification cards—that you wouldn’t want in the hands of anyone but you. Ensuring your letterbox is only accessible to you adds another level of protection for you and your family against physical identity theft.

People mistakenly assume they will notice if the mail goes missing, but thieves are crafty and only take pieces that assist them in identity theft to avoid drawing attention. The best way to ensure your mail is untouchable by criminals is to keep your letterbox locked…and the best lock for the job is a combination cam lock.

Benefits of Using a Combi-Cam Lock to Secure Your Letterbox

The vast majority of homeowners with a letterbox outside their home do not have any sort of locking system on their box. For those living in neighbourhoods with centrally located letterbox banks, or for people living in apartment complexes, their boxes tend to have a traditional cam lock that requires a key entry.

A combination lock provides many benefits and won’t be as easily picked as a standard letterbox lock. The key to out-smarting a thief is trying to make it harder for them to break into whatever they’ve set their eyes on.

If you have the option, have a combi cam locked professionally installed in your letterbox by a professional locksmith. Why? Here are some of the benefits of choosing a combi cam lock:

  1. You’re Free from the Key

One of the biggest benefits of using a combi cam lock is you are no longer required to keep up with a key. Combi cam locks are combination lock that requires you to physically enter a two- or three-digit numerical code.

This means you no longer have to worry about finding your letterbox key in the kitchen junk drawer or remembering to take your keys with you when you want to check the mail. It also means there is no lock for criminals to pick, reducing your risk of identity theft.

  1. Easy to Use

When you’re ready to check your mail simply enter the code you chose, and you have instant access to your deliveries. And your code can easily be changed. Say, for example, you are going out of town on holiday. You can easily create a unique code, allowing someone else to check your mail while you’re away. Once you return, you can change the code, ensuring no one has access to mail other than you.

  1. Reliable

Today’s combi cam locks are durable and virtually impenetrable. Because there are thousands of potential combinations, thieves are likely to pass by a letterbox that is secured with a combi cam lock in favour of a standard key-entry cam lock that is easier to pick. Secure your letterbox with a high-security key camlock that has no masterkeys.

And so…

If you find yourself in need of a combi cam lock, or any other locksmith services, we hope you will contact us at One & Only Locksmiths. Our expert team of locksmiths are available seven days a week and are equipped with the latest tools and technology to ensure your property is secured.