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Access Control Systems

Access Control systems play a critical role in securing a dwelling. It replaces the traditional lock & key with an electronic lock system that uses a pin code, magnetic card, a biometric scanner and there is new and emerging technologies hitting the market every year.

Access Control Systems for Offices

We can configure and train your staff to effectively manage the Access Control System, which will act as an electronic gatekeeper that allows free flow of authorised personnel while denying entry to unwanted visitors. Access Control System ensures business continuity and safeguards your people, information, and other assets.

Why Choose Us?

One & Only Locksmiths has teams of highly trained, experienced locksmiths in Sydney & Melbourne to meet your security requirement & budget. Whether you require a networked solution or stand-alone system, we can advise and help you select the most appropriate Access Control System. Our team of locksmiths can take care of installation, provide ongoing maintenance & expansion services.

Access Control Systems
Access Control Systems

Ensure your security with One & Only Locksmiths!

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